Trump's cuts CIA anti-Assad support for groups that have been arming al Qaeda

Trump Ends Support Of Anti-Assad Rebels For A Lot Of Very Good Reasons

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the quaint little regional war that Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and Samantha Power fomented in Syria during the “Arab Spring” with the idea of overthrowing Bashar Assad was as chuckleheaded an idea to come out of any administration since Bay of Pigs. What had started out as war on the cheap mutated into a very ugly and protracted war and a humanitarian nightmare that is still in full swing.

Regime change has not been our policy in Syria since at least January 2016. There is ample evidence the decision was made earlier but it was fait accompli once Russia and Iran intervened on Assad’s behalf in a major way. In the Geneva talks in 2015/2016, the Obama administration accepted the Russian position that Assad did not have to leave and could stay until a “transition” at some unspecified point in the future. Once regime change stopped being US policy there was no reason, moral or legal or ethical, to continue to arm anti-Assad rebels.

The CIA’s program was not a rousing success. Significant portions of the US trained/supported force ended up joining one of the al-Qaeda-lite organizations because they were more successful. CIA trained groups often engaged in combat against DOD trained groups.
The Obama had already begun backing off of the project in order to do the Iran nuclear deal.  This should make it harder for Democrats to object to the new policy, but hypocrisy has rarely slowed them in the Trump era.


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