Texas Speaker Joe Strauss thwarting the will of the voters

Charles Blain:
Why is a Texas Republican blocking union reforms?

House leadership has a history of holding conservative reforms hostage because of union cash. Though most union campaign contributions went to Democrats, public unions spent more than $1.6 million on Texas legislators during the most recent campaign cycle.

Overall, Speaker Straus received the most of those dollars, bringing the bulk of union contributions during his speakership to over a quarter of a million dollars. After Straus, the second highest Republican was Cook.

Those who control how legislation moves through the House are more than willing to give in to union demands so they can enjoy their continued support. A letter released by one of the unions following the last legislative session shows how much they value Straus and Cook.

“State Representative Byron Cook is Chairman of the powerful State Affairs Committee and is closely aligned with Joe Straus, Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives. Last session, our friend Byron Cook led the effort that stopped further consideration of the bill that would have ended payroll deduction of union dues.”

The state’s Lt. Gov. created a task force to further explore union dues reform, two million primary voters voted overwhelmingly in favor of a proposition to end the practice, and delegates to the state’s 2016 GOP convention passed a plank calling for its end as well.

The proposition, while non-binding, passed by 83 percent to 17 percent, and the convention plank passed by 96 percent.
It appears his campaign funding profits handsomely from his obstruction of the will of the voters.  If he blocks it again the Governor should call another special session until Strauss allows it to pass.  He should also make it a front page news item until it passes.


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