Trump's disappointment with Sessions

Washington Post:
Trump team weighs options for replacing Sessions

Some of President Trump’s confidants are floating prospects who could take Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s place were he to resign or be fired, according to people familiar with the talks. It comes as Trump continued to vent his frustration with Sessions.
Some of his disappointment is beyond Sessions control.  Perhaps Sessions should have advised the President before he accepted the appointment that he would have to recuse himself.  I suspect both men were surprised that the bogus Russian collusion narrative by the Democrats went as far as it did. While trump was willing to let Clinton off the hook for her mishandling of classified information and the appearance of corruption, the Democrats were not as magnanimous in defeat as he was in victory.

Trump would like to see some push back against the Democrats and he now thinks it was a mistake not to pursue an investigation of Clinton, but the way to handle that is to call the AG and tell him to reopen the FBI investigation.  He does not need a tweet to get his message to Sessions.

My own impression of Sessions is that he is not a strong manager.  He seems more reactionary than proactive.  In the war the Democrats are waging against him Trump would like to see an aggressive general.


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