Blue collar voters sticking with Trump--Blame Democrats for lack of progress

Washington Times:
Big-rig mechanic Salvatore Pirozzi hadn’t cast a ballot in a presidential election for most of his life until he got excited about voting for Donald Trump, and his support isn’t wavering.

Like many other blue-collar voters across the Rust Belt who confounded pollsters and pundits to deliver Mr. Trump an upset win in November, Mr. Pirozzi isn’t feeling buyer’s remorse as the president hits the six-month mark this week.

“He could be doing better, but he’s up against a lot of opposition,” said Mr. Pirozzi, 48. “I don’t regret it as far as voting is concerned. He’s our last hope.”

For now, he will overlook the president’s failure to score a major legislative win and the unrelenting stream of negative news stories to focus instead on Mr. Trump’s success in dramatically altering the direction of the country.

After putting Pennsylvania in the Republican column for the first time in nearly three decades, working-class voters said they are still happy that they took a gamble in sending a celebrity New York billionaire to shake up Washington.

“He is a d– and he doesn’t go by everybody’s social norms, but he wants to help the economy. He wants to make America great again,” said Eric Walz, 47, a self-employed information technology and maintenance specialist.

One of the so-called invisible Americans whom Mr. Trump connected with in the Rust Belt, Mr. Walz skipped other presidential elections. He said he was excited as he was on Election Day about casting his ballot for Mr. Trump.

“There’s always going to be negative things,” he said, “but the economy is booming.”

He didn’t blame Mr. Trump for the stalemate in Congress, which he said would continue regardless of who lives in the White House.
The media and the Democrats seem frustrated that their attacks on Trump have not resonated with voters who supported him  I suspect the attacks reinforce support for Trump because they are coming from the very people these voters were rejecting.


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