Hamas funding is a key to Qatar dispute with other Arab states

There are two key reasons behind the decision of a Saudi-led Arab coalition to cut diplomatic and commercial ties with the Gulf State of Qatar. First, Qatar is crapping itself trying to keep the Iranians appeased. Second, Qatar funds just about any terror organization that you care to mention. This is not to say the Saudis don’t have a history of funding terrorists but the Saudi oligarchs are careful to not fund terrorists that are hostile to the House of Saud, like ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood. Qatar funds both of those groups.

Yesterday, the Saudi foreign minister reiterated that Qatar has to cut funding for terror groups and he specifically named Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. He said Hamas undermined the Palestinian Authority (somewhat true) and the Muslim Brotherhood undermined the government of Egypt (definitely true).

This underscores an interesting alignment of forces in the Middle East. When Trump went to Saudi Arabia, one of his missions was to pitch sort of an Arab NATO with the US in an advise/assist role and with Israel providing technical and intelligence support. The suggestion wasn’t laughed at because the Arabs in the region are realizing that Iran is the existential threat to their existence.

The main beneficiary of the Saudi demand, though, is Israel. The Palestinian Authority allows Hamas to govern Gaza and has no real desire to change the situation–this, of course, is one of the reasons that a “two state solution” is so hard to broker in Israel, there are actually three governments involved–and Qatar has pledged $400 million to Hamas, this is money the Palestinian Authority doesn’t have to spend.

Hamas, understandably, is crapping bricks. Without Qatar money, Hamas dies.
Iran is another reason why everyone is upset with Qatar and Hamas.  While Qatar is a major funding source for the Hamas genocidal religious bigots, the other key to their survivability is Iran which provides not only funding but arms.  Iran is an existential threat to the entire Arab Middle East and it is trying to outflank them in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and the Gaza Strip.

The move against Qatar is an attempt to restore a strategic balance in the region.  These governments also realize that Israel is not a threat to them but a potential strategic partner in the coming conflict with Iran.  While some in the Pentagon may be worried about their base of operations in Qatar, the Arab states have a bigger worry with Qatar's alliance with its enemies.


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