Regulatory rollback will create jobs in US

Washington Post:
Trump undertakes most ambitious regulatory rollback since Reagan

As the administration targets dozens of Obama-era policies, business leaders are thrilled, saying President Trump is responding to long-standing complaints. But the campaign has alarmed labor unions, safety advocates and environmental activists as the fallout ripples across the federal bureaucracy and U.S. economy.
Labor unions are already seeing the benefit of the rollback with the approval of the Keystone XL pipeline and the Dakota Access pipelines.  Trump's trade policies are already benefiting labor with the creation of new jobs.  Deregulating energy will also create new jobs and lead to an improved trade balance.

The environmental "activists" are responsible for destroying the environment with their mass protests against pipelines.  Those activists care little about the environment, they just want to make war against fossil fuels in hopes that it will make alternative energy look more competitive.

They are the dirty environmentalists who have something in common with the liberal protesters who foul whatever area they protest in with trash that others have to pick up.


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