Media living in an alternate universe when discussing Trump's first month in office

Charlette Allen:
Common wisdom: President Trump has plunged the White House into ethical and moral chaos (the forced resignation of national security adviser Michael Flynn after intelligence bureaucrats leaked evidence of alleged phone conversations with Russian officials). Or Trump is constitutionally incompetent and a racist, Christianist tyrant besides (the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals’s squelching of his executive order declaring a visa moratorium for citizens of seven Muslim-majority, terrorism-riddled countries). Or Trump is just plain “delusional,” to borrow a word from New York magazine columnist Andrew Sullivan, who seems to think that Trump needs some tender loving care from Nurse Ratched.

If so, Trump is delusional all the way to the bank. His first month in office has been, let’s face it, a smashing success. He has already taken steps via executive order to fulfill at least a dozen of his campaign promises:

  1. Order a wall along the Mexican border and actually start enforcing existing laws against illegal immigration? Check.
  2. Revoke federal funding for so-called sanctuary cities that offer illegal immigrants charged with crimes refuge from deportation? Check.
  3. Squelch for good the job-killing, secretly negotiated Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership? Check.
  4. Ask the State Department and the Army Corps of Engineers for quick approval of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines that reduce dependency on foreign oil? Check and check.
  5. Freeze the metastasizing tumor of the federal bureaucracy and its death-dealing regulatory tendrils? Check, check and check.
There is much more.

This puts the recent Trump press conference in perspective when you see the hostility of the media and their distortion of his record,  I suspect they are going to drive their own approval record down further.


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