Is Europe fearful their free ride is ending?

NY Times:

Europe Suddenly Worries Its Biggest Threat Is the U.S.

The European Union, which has faced a litany of crises lately, is now waking up to the fact that Mr. Trump may be the most dangerous yet.
So, Trump's insistence that Europe pay their fair share for their own defense is seen as a "dangerous threat?"

Trump can be rough around the edges, but his goal is to make Europe act more responsible and quit spending defense money on socialist vote-buying schemes.  Outside of the Brits and the Balkan countries, there are few European countries who are investing enough in defense.

Europe has also had a disastrous refugee policy that has made it less safe and has resulted in a crime epidemic including sexual assaults.  Liberals and the media seem to think it is a mistake to be critical of this bad policy and its effect on a civil society.


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