Iran's deceptive response to Trump on its weapons program

Fox News:
Iran's foreign minister said:
He also said Iran “will never use our weapons against anyone, except in self-defense. Let us see if any of those who complain can make the same statement.”
I think this is the same guy that said Iran was not testing weapons it built with the missile firing.  What was left unsaid was that Iran was testing a North Korean missile.  As for his claim of self-defense, that is also bogus.

Iran has used proxies to fire its weapons at US allies and the US.  Between Hezballah in Lebanon and the Houthis in Yemen, Iranian weapons are part of its aggression by proxies.  Iran has also threatened US shipping in the Persian Gulf.  Iranian leaders come from a culture that believes it is OK to lie to achieve one's objectives and that appears to be the case in this conflict.

I think Trump is much smarter than Obama in dealing with the genocidal religious bigots who rule Iran.


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