Intel agencies not doing their job in keeping President informed

Washington Examiner:
Intelligence officials have decided to intentionally keep sensitive information from President Trump out of concern he or his staff would leak or divulge it.

Details, including the sources and methods behind intelligence, have not been shared with the commander in chief on an undisclosed number of occasions, multiple officials familiar with the operation said in a report published Wednesday evening.

The choices to hold information from Trump came after the Republican leader publicly denounced the FBI, CIA, and Director of National Intelligence for their alleged leaking of information to hurt his image.

Intel officials said in this case, their decisions were motivated by Trump's trustworthiness, unlike previous instances where it was not necessary to share those details with other presidents.
Apparently, they would rather share the information with left wing media outlets than the President.  The administration needs to find those responsible for this decision and fire them.  They are not doing their job and they are endangering the US.


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