Unions push Senate on Keystone XL approval

Fuel Fix:
Labor unions are beseeching senators to pass legislation that would approve the Keystone XL pipeline by circumventing a government review process that threatens to stretch into 2015.

In a letter to senators today, five unions, the National Association of Manufacturers and the American Petroleum Institute say the bill is essential to free the pipeline from “political limbo.”

“After nearly six years of countless polls and five exhaustive federal reviews stating the pipeline is safe to build and will create thousands of jobs, we have unfortunately seen political rhetoric and gamesmanship take precedence over policy and leadership,” the groups say.
Opponents have yet to make a valid case for not doing the pipeline.  They have nothing to offer beyond their own carbon phobias.  The pipeline would actually reduce pollution because the oil in not going to stay in the ground despite the artificial scarcity polices of the anti energy left.


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