Comprehensive immigration reform is a failure before it ever passes

Daniel Horowitz:
It’s time for Republicans to unite behind one common theme – preventing a new wave of illegal immigration. Reasonable people can disagree about what to do with those who remain here illegally after we reinstate our laws and stop the new flow of illegal immigration. We can certainly debate the level and type of legal immigration we desire to promote in the coming years. But any Republican who shares a modicum of Republican values should put aside those ideas and stop giving aid and comfort to the President by helping him provoke a new wave of illegal immigration.

The notion that we must debate about the future of those already here while those very debates are fostering a gushing flow of illegal migration, particularly from Central America, is absurd and dangerous. It is analogous to a homeowner mulishly focusing on what to do with the water in his basement while ignoring the torrent of water seeping under the door.

There is an overall surge in trespassing into the southernmost tip of Texas. The public push by the administration to grant citizenship and benefits to children of illegals has spawned a surge in juvenile border crossings. In fact, calls for amnesty have invited in so many juvenile border crossings that DHS is setting up emergency shelters for them in Texas. HHS estimates that about 60,000 unaccompanied minors will enter the country illegally this year, a ninefold increase from 2011.

The memo that is being telegraphed to the Third World is that America is a dumping ground; come drop off your poverty on our doorstep. Countries have gotten so brazen with their tacticsthat they are refusing to repatriate their citizens after we deport them. Yet, the administration has stopped enforcing the law requiring the State Department to withhold visas from countries that refuse to repatriate their illegal migrants.
It is inarguable that the attempt to change the immigration laws has invited more illegal immigrants.  That should be the message for those who oppose the changes to the current law.   I can't explain why Republicans are not making that argument.  They hint at their distrust that Obama will enforce any changes to the law that would secure the border, but waiting for a reform package to start enforcing the border is ridiculous.


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