Liberal Jim Crow laws still discriminate

Washington Examiner Editorial:
... Jim Crow is now making a huge comeback, thanks to the identity politics so common among liberals, especially on college campuses. As PJ Media columnist and former U.S. Department of Justice civil rights attorney J. Christian Adams notes, a federal court recently struck down a lawin the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands that allowed only people of “Northern Mariana descent” to vote on constitutional referendums. In Guam, the new Jim Crow appears in a law that allows voter registration only by those with ancestors living there prior to 1950, thus effectively limiting the ballot to individuals descended from the Chamorro people.

Similarly, Hawaii has a law on its books that limits registration "to only those who had an ancestor who lived on Hawaii in 1778 or received race-based land benefits in 1921. It also allows anyone with a ‘significant connection' to the ‘Native Hawaiian community' to register for the roll, which should nicely scoop up the radical academics who have flocked to the University of Hawaii to agitate for exactly this sort of race-based separatism,” Adams said. The Supreme Court struck down a similar Hawaii law in 2000.

Jim Crow is popular in the current U.S. Department of Justice, too. Attorney General Eric Holderfrequently bashes voter identification laws as examples of Jim Crow. Apparently the nation's highest legal officer cannot distinguish between requiring a photo ID to confirm an individual's identity and requiring an individual to prove they are descended from people with the “right” skin color.
Holder has been a sorry Attorney General and his failures on these discriminatory laws will be a part of the Obama administration legacy.


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