Anti energy left looks for more excuses to keep US from drilling

Fuel Fix:
A conservation group is hoping a little star power will draw more attention to its concerns about seismic oil and gas research proposed in Atlantic waters.

When Oceana holds a congressional briefing on the subject Thursday, the event’s moderator will be Reid Scott, an actor best known for his portrayal of communication director Dan Eagan on HBO’s “Veep.” Other less high-profile speakers include East Coast lawmakers and a seismic researcher from Duke University.

This isn’t the first time that the conservation group has tapped celebrities to spotlight the potential risks to whales, dolphins and other marine life from seismic studies that may be allowed to help pinpoint underground oil and gas along the East Coast. In March, the group released a public service announcement starring actress Miranda Cosgrove making an appeal to “stop unnecessary and damaging seismic air gun testing.”

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management is in the final stages of deciding whether that work can be allowed and under what conditions. The research involves air gun blasts that send sound deep underground. Sensors record the echoes that bounce back from subterranean geological structures and use the data to draw a picture of what might be lurking below the seafloor.

But under the government’s preferred approach, outlined in an environmental analysis released in February, the research could be done with some safeguards, including a ban on simultaneous seismic surveys and a limit on accessing the migratory routes of the endangered North Atlantic right whale. The Interior Department could issue a record of decision formally adopting that approach as soon as June 7.

Seismic imaging: New waves of seismic technology yield big oil finds

Oceana says the proposed protections aren’t good enough and that the government overlooked studies documenting harm to marine animals from air gun blasts.
As James O'Keefe's latest sting video shows, Hollywood is not above serving the interest of Middle East oil barons in their quest to keep the US dependent on foreign oil.  They are trotting out one of the big lies that the lies that the environment if fragile.  Their real agenda is to block oil exploration in this country anyway they can.  I don't buy this move.


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