Democrats running from the issues

NY Times:
Senate Democrats Turn to Local Issues in Midterms
Senator Mark Pryor campaigned in Hazen, Ark.,  in April.

If Republicans are trying to make the midterms a referendum on the president, Democratic senators are doubling down on issues specific to their home states.
Democrats have been trying to govern against the will of the people.   More people despise Obamacare than love it.  On energy the Democrats have their artificial scarcity agenda that is impeding the development of resources on federal controlled sites.  If they would get out of the way the US would be creating thousands of jobs and creating a trade surplus.  In fact if it were not for development of energy on private sites GDP in this country would be substantially lower and the jobs situation would be much more dire.  Democrats are also stuck defending a president who is blocking the Keystone XL pipeline to placate the carbon phobic wing of his party, even though they are in the minority in the country.

This story suggest Democrats are "really freaking out" about the midterms.


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