Taliban Mehsud threatens attack on DC

The AP reports that Mehsud, the leader of a Taliban faction took credit for the attack on the police academy and also threatened "an attack in Washington that will amaze everyone in the world."

Such an attack would probably lead to the US directly attacking Mehsud's Taliban with ground troops.

has a better report:

Pakistani Taliban chief Baitullah Mehsud on Tuesday claimed responsibility for a deadly assault on a police academy and threatened to attack Washington.

"We claim responsibility for the attack. This was in retaliation for the ongoing drone attacks in the tribal areas. There will be more such attacks," Mehsud told AFP in a telephone conversation from an unknown location.

"Very soon we will take revenge from America, not in Afghanistan but in Washington, which will amaze the entire world," Mehsud warned.


It sounds like we need to increase our UAV attacks in his area of operation and do a better job of targeting him.

Bill Roggio
has more about Mehsud.


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