The breast of times for some on Wall Street

NY Post:

The economy's gone bust, and so have they.

Scores of professional New York women stripped of their six-figure jobs are now work ing as "gentlemen's club en tertainers" at upscale Manhattan jiggle joints. Former Wall Streeters, fashion executives and real-estate agents are pole dancing and strip ping for as much as $1,500 a night -- but also because they like the flexible hours.

Randi Newton, 28, who lives in Midtown, was a financial analyst at Morgan Stanley before the crash but was fired.

"A few nights after I got laid off, I went with friends to a strip club to get drunk and forget my unemployment troubles," Newton said. "The manager offered me a job as a dancer. I thought it was different. And fun."

Today, Newton, who calls herself an "independent contractor," pole dances at Rick's Cabaret in Murray Hill three or four nights a week and says she makes "$160,000 a year on tips alone."

"It was very odd seeing a strip club being better run than a major brokerage firm, not to mention I've never had problems with sexual harassment at Rick's," she said.


Ricks Cabaret is also the name of a titty bar in Houston that has produced several gals who have gone on to fame in the exposure business. It is too bad their former employers were not as good at getting to the bottom of things.


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