McCain has kind words for Palin

Washington Times:

While Sen. John McCain's former vice presidential candidate has criticized his campaign recently for not sharing her religious fervor, the Arizona senator has nothing but kind words for the Alaska governor who electrified Republicans last year.

"Listen, I love and respect Sarah Palin," the 2008 Republican presidential candidate said, speaking softly in an interview Friday with reporters and editors at The Washington Times. "I love her family. I am convinced that her running on the ticket energized the Republican Party in a way that, let's have some straight talk, that I couldn't or didn't."

Mrs. Palin, the self-described "hockey mom" whose evangelical Christianity often played a prominent role in her campaign, got a laugh when she told a Republican audience in Alaska earlier this month that there was "nobody I could find that I wanted to hold hands with and pray" with within the McCain campaign just before her vice presidential debate with then-Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr., Delaware Democrat.

The governor later said she meant no disrespect, and Mr. McCain on Friday said he took no offense.

"I just read that in the press about not having someone to pray with in my campaign. Obviously, I was not with her, I was in Denver, as a matter of fact. But I thought she did a great job in that debate. I wish I had done as good a job in my debates as she did," Mr. McCain said.


Palin is still a very attractive candidate for conservatives. She is so attractive that the Democrat spin machine is giving her the treatment it gave Newt Gingrich and George Bush. They have a machine for generating hatred that is unmatched. They have been floundering since Obama's election looking for a national figure to demonize. They tried Rush Limbaugh and it backfired. Recently they have tried Karl Rove again, but now that he is also a media figure, it is easy to see that he does not fit their mold either. They will target Palin again too. She needs to be ready to fight back against the Democrats politics of hate.

In another story in the Times McCain makes clear that it is unlikely any candidate will ever take Federal Funds for a Presidential campaign again.

McCain discusses Palin's future on Meet the Press:


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