About those Gitmo detainee releases

The Obama administration has said that it will release some detainees into the US and provide them with support payments or welfare. This story from the NY Times about the Taliban uniting against the US should give prudent people pause about that plan.


The Taliban fighters said the Afghan Taliban delegation was led by Mullah Abdullah Zakir, a commander from Helmand Province in southern Afghanistan, whose real name is reported to be Abdullah Ghulam Rasoul.

A front-line commander during the Taliban government, Mullah Zakir was captured in 2001 in northern Afghanistan and was detained at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, until his release in 2007, Afghan Taliban members contacted by telephone said.

The Pakistani fighters described Mullah Zakir as an impressive speaker and a trainer, and one said he was particularly energetic in working to unite the different Taliban groups. Beyond bolstering Taliban forces in Afghanistan, both the Afghan and Pakistani Taliban leaders had other reasons to unite, Pakistani officials said.

I assume they had the same degree of confidence in this guy not being a threat before he was released. I am still of the opinion that most of these guys need to be held at Gitmo until the end of the war. They are not entitled to an early release or a trial.


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