How to write a NY Times Obama policy editorial

When talking about Obama's new border policy what you need to say it is:

  • "sensible,"
  • "encouraging for the realism and proportion"
  • "helpfully"
  • "kind of targeted crackdown that crime-weary officials along the border have long sought"
  • "tough-smart strategy"
This is combined with a mischaracterization of the positions of those who want the rule of law enforced when it comes to immigration.

There are some good elements to the new policy the most important of which is greater focus on law enforcement along the border. They could do even more if they put a tighter cordon around the gateways of Juarez and Tijuana. Doing that would make the bloody battles in those two cities not worth the prize of control. We should also be training the Mexican army in counterinsurgency operations, teaching them how to protect the people and collect information from them on the criminal insurgency.

I have no objection to increased legal immigration, but what many of the proponents of "comprehensive" immigration reform want is a policy that will have little to no consequences for coming here illegally. That is an invitation to more of the same.

The administration is also making a mistake by cutting back on immigration raids of businesses that hire illegals. These raids have had two beneficial effects. More citizens are being hired at higher wages during a period of unemployment. Also there is more self deportation by those here illegally which means fewer such raids will be necessary. By stopping the raids, both benefits are lost and the lack fo consequences for coming here illegally will encourage more illegal entry into the country.


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