Mahsud behind Lahore attack on police


The Pakistani city of Lahore, once synonymous with culture and cricket, was reeling from another terrorist outrage last night after a dozen gunmen stormed a police academy and killed at least 13 people in an eight-hour shootout with security forces.

Four of the militants blew themselves up, but others were captured alive after their brazen commando-style attack, which bore many similarities to the one in Mumbai in November and another on the Sri Lanka cricket team in Lahore this month.

Up to eight police officers were among the dead yesterday and at least 90 were wounded. Ten more who had been taken hostage were rescued by commandos, according to officials.


Mr Malik added that the gunmen were believed to be fighters loyal to the Pakistani Taleban commander Baitullah Mehsud. The Pakistani Taleban said a little-known group called Fedayin al-Islam was responsible.


It is pretty typical of Islamic religious bigots to try to cast blame on others by creating new entities that let the real perps avoid responsibility. The Guardian describes the attack as a swarm operation.

It had started as an ordinary day at the police school in Lahore, with a parade of the cadets at the front of the facility. But, at around 7.30am, the gunmen jumped over the low perimeter wall, throwing grenades at the recruits and firing indiscriminately. The 800 cadets, all unarmed, scattered.

"They came over [the wall] like guerrillas, wearing scarves over their faces. They came from three different points. It was a heavy attack, with grenades," said trainee Omar Butt, 22. "We crawled out [of the compound] on our elbows."

Others, who could not get out of the school, hid on the roof, in the laundry room, anywhere they could find refuge. On the first floor, in the sleeping quarters, Gul Hussain, 21, simply lay on a mattress, and covered himself with a sheet, for about two hours, until he was rescued.

"They were chanting slogans, 'God is great', and other things. I lay there and just didn't move," he said.

By mid-afternoon, after an eight-hour battle with the terrorists, commandos emerged on the roof of the building, firing into the air, this time in victory. It was perhaps the first time in the campaign of violence that is tearing Pakistan apart that the security forces had inflicted a defeat, of sorts, on the extremists.


The Independent said that the mastermind of the operation had been captured alive, but gave no details.


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