Brit charity runs terrorist camp in orphanage


A raid on an orphanage in Bangladesh has uncovered a suspected Islamic militant training camp with links to a British charity run by a man acquitted of being part of an al-Qaeda bomb plot.

The home of Faisal Mostafa in the Heaton Mersey district of Stockport, Greater Manchester, is the headquarters of the Green Crescent charity, whose orphanage on the island of Bhola in Bangladesh is under investigation for allegedly being a front for a militant training camp and arms factory.

Lieutenant-Colonel Munir Haque, a senior officer of the elite Rapid Action Battalion, who oversaw the raid on Tuesday, told The Times: “We found small arms — about nine or ten in total — plus equipment to make small arms, about 3,000 rounds of ammunition, two walkie-talkies, two remote-control devices and four sets of army uniforms.

“We also found enough explosives and other equipment to make several hundred grenades. We found some ordinary Islamic books, but others that are in line with extremists like [Osama] bin Laden.”

The battalion arrested four people — a teacher and three caretakers — and began an investigation into the Green Crescent charity.


This is another war crime by Islamic terrorist. Hiding a terrorist operation in an orphanage is cynical in the extreme. It is also clear that the terrorist are still using Islamic charities as fund raising vehicles for spreading their diseased ideology.

The leaders of this group have been twice cleared of terror charges according to the Daily Mail.

Gateway Pundit has more on this folks behind this.


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