Rumsfeld's memo

Andrew Sullivan:

"THE RUMMY MEMO: It's the most reassuring statement on the terror war I've yet read. The important thing about any administration in its third year is that it not be complacent, that it not be in denial, and that it ask tough questions of itself. Rumsfeld sure is no McNamara. And if I were a terrorist, I'd be alarmed at how earnest the U.S. government now is about tackling the threat. Of course, a MoDo column ridiculing this is now inevitable. Which is more indication that it's an encouraging sign."

And Sullivan on North Korea:

". . .One of the lessons I drew from Iraq is that, when push comes to shove, there are some regimes that, regardless of any other factors, should be destroyed, if we can, purely because of their unmitigated evil. North Korea is one of them. Yes, I know that its ambiguous nuclear capacity makes military action all but impossible. But the horrors of its system beggar belief. I'm suspicious of any and all attempts to placate Pyongyang. But I don't have any brighter ideas either. You can download the report on NoKo's gulag here. I found reading it to be a horrifying and shaming experience."


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