A former Saddam aide worked in hotel hit by rockets

Washington Times:

"A contractor supplying kitchen staff and secretaries for the Al Rasheed Hotel, the scene of yesterday's rocket attacks, was allied to Saddam Hussein's security services and might have been providing intelligence to the anti-U.S. resistance, an Iraqi informant said yesterday.

". . .The informant, who identifies himself fully in his letter but declined to have his name published, focuses his charges on Muslel Muhammed Farhan Al-Dilemi, 53, the manager of the Al-Tamoor Trading Co. which provides services to the hotel.

". . .The letter says Mr. Al-Dilemi placed several people with jobs in the hotel kitchen and staffed the hotel with a number of "beautiful secretaries" for whom he arranged sexual liaisons.

"'His people are the ones who get the hotel kitchen food ... and he gets half of what they get on a daily basis,' said the letter, implying that Mr. Al-Dilemi was running a food-smuggling racket.

"It added: 'He already knows which the important floors are — such as floors 8, 9, 10 and 13 — and also that most of the Governing Council people live at the hotel.'"


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