Defector from North Korea says no to deal with Kim

NY Times:

"After six years under virtual house arrest in Seoul, South Korea, Hwang Jang Yop, who proudly clings to his status as North Korea's highest-ranking defector, is to arrive in the United States on Monday to talk with Washington's elite about the inner workings of North Korea's secretive government.

". . .Mr. Hwang, 80, made it clear that he would oppose any deal in which Mr. Kim would give up his nuclear bombs but remain in charge in North Korea.

"I absolutely oppose giving North Korea guarantees if the North withdraws its nuclear weapons program," he said. "I completely oppose any policy that will ensure maintenance of the North's dictatorship."

"It is necessary to put America in a leading role of a coalition of South Korea and Japan to eliminate the North Korean dictatorship," added Mr. Hwang, who relied on a hearing aid and spoke through an interpreter. "I won't compromise with any deal that is separate from democratic principles."

He is right. Any deal that leaves Kim in power is a death sentence to thousands in North Korea.


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