The Boykin attacks

Leiberman complains about Boykins expression of religious beliefs in church.

"Democratic presidential candidate Joe Lieberman said a top Army general should be reprimanded for his criticism of Muslims, calling those comments the ``mirror opposite'' of Osama bin Laden's vilification of Christians and Jews."

If the first amendment guarnatee of freedom of religion has any meaning, it should mean that expressions of religious belief in a church should not subject someone to the abuse that Boykin has endured. These expressions were not made to be broadcast to the world but at a service ina church. By making the comments public in order to criticize them the media is manufacturing a story. Obviously, the media for the most part does not like the views expressed by Boykin.

What is important about Boykin is whether his views prevent him from executing his duties. There is zero evidence that it does. While his views may anger some muslims, it is unlikely that will change their attitude toward the US. This is because the people who are angered by Boykins comments are already anti american relious bigots.


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