Iraqis condemn bombings

Foreigners blamed for bombings in Iraq.

“'They are criminals. Syrians, Palestinians and Jordanians from the Arab world. Iraqis wouldn’t do this,' said Saeed, a retired oil worker whose son was wounded in Monday’s attack on the Red Cross (ICRC) office which killed a dozen people.
It might be one of the few things on which Iraqis agree with US President George W. Bush, who on Tuesday pointed to foreign Islamic fighters as key suspects behind the rise in violence along with fighters loyal to ousted President Saddam Hussein.
Saeed, gesturing angrily at the shattered Red Cross building, said all suicide attacks were wrong.

. . .“'They are either Al-Qaeda or other fundamentalists. Iraqis wouldn’t do this because there were no military vehicles around here at the time,' said (Jacob) Joseph.

. . .“'The people who did this are not Iraqis ­ they are from other countries,' said Najah Shamon, a luggage vendor.

“'The people making these attacks are not Muslims. If they were, they wouldn’t attack during Ramadan. I accuse Al-Qaeda,' he added."


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