The Arafat MO


"...Our Palestinian sources add that Arafat is not in the habit of giving out clear orders to subordinates. An inkling of his style of command was revealed in the BBC interview. He throws out fragmentary, often oblique clues to different aides, also naming sums of cash on offer for anyone willing to risk his neck by going out and hiring a killer squad for the next terrorist operation. The aides either put their heads together to find out what he is after or, more often, compete amongst each other for the mission and the pay. Arafat keeps his band of cronies in a constant state of rivalry for his favors, positions of influence in the Palestinian hierarchy and the cash he hands out now and again. Several members of this executive group may end up setting up the same operation separately, each hiring a terror squad. This tactic has created a reservoir of willing guns outside Ramallah who are spoiling for action.

"While preparing the next hit, Arafat was also busy covering up the tracks of his last one, the US convoy ambush in the Gaza Strip. FBI investigators, encountering obstruction in their inquiry instead of the promised Palestinian cooperation, heard from various media that the attack was staged by the Arab Liberation Front, the Palestinian terrorist group supported by Saddam Hussein. The only problem is that, since the Iraqi ruler was deposed, the ALF no longer exists. However, this piece of fiction was leaked deliberately from Ramallah to highlight a link between Gaza and Baghdad. It signaled Arafat’s following that his coming objective was to elevate his terror campaign against Israel to the same pitch as the pro-Saddam guerrilla war against the Americans in Iraq."


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