Dems don't care about terrorism

Byron York:

". . .The survey focused on Democrats who take part in the nominating process in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. And, Iraq aside, what it found was that Democrats, at least those who are most active in politics, simply don't care about terrorism.

"Just don't care.

". . .In Iowa, one percent of those polled — one percent! — said they worried about fighting terrorism. It was dead last on the list.

"Two percent said they worried about homeland security — next to last.

"In New Hampshire, two percent worried about fighting terrorism and two percent worried about homeland security. In South Carolina — somewhat surprisingly because of its military heritage — the results were the same.

". . .While some might take that to mean that Democrats want a tough, security-minded leader, the poll's results in fact suggest that Democrats want a leader who has the ability to fight terrorism, but will not actually do it."


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