Trump's trade policy mimics Sheriff Bart in Blazing Saddle

In the movie Blazing Saddles Sheriff Bart played by Cleavon Little stops a riot by taking out his gun and pointing it at his own head and telling the group to stop or he will shoot.

That is pretty much what Trump said he would do to get better trade deals.  He would threaten to put a 45 perecnt tariff on imported goods.  Ted Cruz pointed out that American consumers would have to pay the tariff and it would drive up the cost of purchases from Walmart to autos by 45 percent while retaliation from other countries would mean the market for US goods such as farm products would dry up.

Trump's "plan" or threat as he called it, would do great damage to US consumers and producers who export things.  I do not think Trump has thought through the cosnequences of his proposal.


  1. International Trade 101. Mr. Trump must have been out checking his "package" that day.


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