Trump's sick obsession

NY Times:

Trump Has ‘Sick Obsession’ With Kelly, Fox News Says

Donald J. Trump resumed his attacks on Megyn Kelly, and the network said his words were “beneath the dignity” of a candidate.
I have said before that I no longer find Trump interesting.  He is so incoherent and mean spirited that I usually mute the TV when he comes on and if they linger on him too long, as most tend to do, I change the channel.  I would rather watch a custom car artist than listen to him.

Trump is not even interesting on mute like Bernie Sanders or Hillary.  Bernie looks like he directing an orchestra, and Hillary looks like she is imitating a speech given by Der Feuhrer.  They are at least funny to watch.  Trump is just sour and vicious.  There is no joy in the man unless he is talking about himself or his poll numbers.

His attacks on Kelly and others show him coming across like a middle school bully.  The man has the charm of a want to be tyrant without any depth of thought.  His speeches are rambling stream of conscience diatribe which demonstrates his ignorance an lack of thoughtful consideration.  That some people consider this "telling it like it is" is a reflection on their own lack of depth.


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