Trump says it is time for Marco Rubio to drop out of race

Business Insider:
Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump said Saturday that rival Marco Rubio should drop out of the race.

"I think it's time for Marco to clean the deck. I really do. And I say that respectfully," Trump said at a press conference in Florida.

Trump held the press conference after four states held primaries or caucuses earlier in the day. Trump was projected to win Kentucky and Louisiana, while Cruz won Kansas and Maine.

"I think Marco Rubio had a very, very bad night," Trump said. "And personally I'd call on him to drop out of the race. I think it's time now that he drop out of the race. I really think so. I think it's probably time."

Trump's call echoes that of another presidential candidate, Ted Cruz, who has urged the non-Trump candidates to drop out so that a coalition can form against the Republican frontrunner. Rubio, a Florida senator, has only won one state — Minnesota — while Cruz has also notched victories in Texas, Oklahoma, Iowa, and Alaska.
It is rare to see the two frontrunners agree on something like this, and they may have different reasons for wanting it.  I think both of them would like to avoid a brokered convention.  That situation is seen by Cruz as bad for the party and likely to result in a revolt.


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