The anti energy left is trying to destroy the US economy with its fracking paranoia

Paul Sullivan:
Fracking accounts for close to 50 percent of all natural gas and oil production. Our production of natural gas from shale fields and tight gas has increased by 40 billion cubic feet per day since 2002. Our production of shale and tight oil from fracking has increased by 4 million barrels a day since 2002.

Fracking is one of the main reasons why oil and natural gas prices are so low. That also makes it one of the main reasons why gasoline and diesel prices are so low, and electricity prices have dropped in many areas. Crude oil is the feedstock for gasoline production. Natural gas is an increasing source of the fuel used to power our electricity generation stations nationwide.

Natural gas has been taking the place of coal in electricity production. Natural gas produces about one-half the CO2 as coal does in electricity generation. There is an environmental plus to moving from coal to natural gas in electricity generation.

If we stopped fracking in the U.S. natural gas would become far more expensive. More coal plants would be developed given that coal would then become a far cheaper source of fuel. So by stopping fracking we may make the environment worse. Also, electricity would become more expensive.

We are now exporting liquefied natural gas (LNG). Many LNG import facilities have been, are and will be converted to export facilities. Our net trade of pipeline gas with Canada and Mexico has also greatly improved due to fracking-base unconventional natural gas production in our country.

We are now often the largest producer of natural gas in the world – often beating the Russians at their own natural gas production game. Our exports of LNG can help our allies in Asia, most particularly Japan, and Europe become more energy secure. Our European allies can become less reliant on Russia gas, and will hence be less under the Russian thumb, because we can send LNG their way.
The anti-energy left wants to make the US poorer and also wants to get greater control over everyone's life.   Their fear of fracking is not based on facts or logic.


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