Ted Cruz gives strong support for Israel, notes Hillary's excuse making for terrorists

Israel National News:
“Palestine has not existed since 1948,” Texas Senator and Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz said at the beginning of his speech in front of the AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington, DC, on Monday evening.

He noted that Megillat Esther, the book of Esther, will be read at synagogues this Wednesday evening on the holiday of Purim. The book tells the story of the Persian King Ahasuerus who sought to kill all the Jews but failed to achieve his goal.

“Today we are reliving history, facing a similar challenge for America and Israel. But today I give you hope. In the next few months we will be reuniting America, which will lead to a commanding victory in November that unifies this country.”

“And standing together...America will stand with Israel and defeat radical Islamic terrorism,” he promised.

Cruz recalled the murder of American citizen Taylor Force in the recent stabbing attack in Jaffa, and noted that the terrorist who stabbed Force “didn't ask for his passport.”

“The brutal murder of Taylor Force is just another reminder that America and Israel are in the fight together against radical Islamic terrorism,” he added, noting that “we need a president who will be champion for America and a champion for Israel.”

As a senator, continued Cruz, he has been a champion for both countries, has visited Israel several times and saw how Israel treats – free of charge – Syrian refugees at the Ziv Hospital in Tzfat.

Palestinian terrorists “are using civilians to hide their missiles”, he added, and then took a shot at Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, who in 2014 explained that Hamas hides missiles in schools “because Gaza is very small”.

“Madame Secretary, with all respect, the reason the missiles are in school is not because Gaza is small. It's because Hamas terrorists are using children as human shields,” he declared.
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Of all the candidates who spoke before the gathering, Cruz appeared to get the most enthusiastic reception.  The other choices do not have the same enthusiasm for support of Israel.


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