Supreme Court case forces the pro abortion crowd to admit it is not about 'women's health'

NY Times:

Supreme Court to Hear Abortion Case Over Texas Law

The case stems from various requirements imposed on abortion providers that critics say would force most of the clinics in Texas to close.
Supporters of abortion have been trying to say that they are all about women's health, but when several women suffered injures and death in an abortion mill in Philadelphia, Texas took note and decided to do somehting to require a safer environment for the procedure.  One of the principal authors of the bill in Texas was an emergency room physician named Dr. Donna Campbell.  I suspect she was the one behind the requirement that the doctors performing the procedure have some ties to a hospital where a patient could  be treated if the abortion went awry.

What Texas has done regardless of the Court''s ruling is put the lie to the "women's health' euphamism.


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