Sen. Warren gets the responsibility for the rise of Trump exactly backwards

The Hill:
Sen. Elizabeth Warren slammed Republicans on Thursday for enabling the rise of Donald Trump, their party’s front-runner for the presidential nomination.

She argued that GOP lawmakers have empowered Trump by obstructing President Obama during his time in office.
While the GOP lawmakers may have some responsibility for the rise of Trump, it is because they failed to block Obamacare, and they funded his illegal amnesty program and they failed to cut spending. In other words, they failed to do the things they said they would do when they ran for office.

Warren may be one of the most overrated liberals in Washington.


  1. How can a liberal be overrated? Or underrated for that matter?
    To rate a liberal is to find some attribute that is worthy of consideration as a part of a decent life and that consideration is qualitative in nature.
    Liberals have only quantitative attributes... as in... How much ignorance can you fit inside one's personal stupid bucket?


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