Police in Belgium stumble into suspects in Paris attacks, one dead

A raid of a building in the Belgian capital tied to last year's deadly terrorist attacks in Paris ended Tuesday evening with one suspect dead and four police wounded. A manhunt is underway for others who managed to get away.

Police went to search a presumably empty apartment Tuesday afternoon in southern Brussels, only to have people inside begin shooting at them, according to one senior Belgian counterterrorism official.

A man in Forest, the southern Brussels district where the raid occurred, heard about 30 shots early in the confrontation -- including some from a suspect firing what appeared to be a rifle at police.

"I ended up in the middle of terror here in Brussels," the witness said.

Three police were wounded in an initial burst of gunfire, with a fourth hurt later. South Brussels police spokeswoman Marie Verdete initially indicated that three police suffered slight injuries in two different shootouts in the same building.

Police securing the building searching for explosives and weapons found the body of a suspect who had been barricaded inside....
It seems clear they just stumbled into the perps, or they would have had the building isolated and would have been able to cut off any escape routes for the two missing shooters.  It also seems clear that the threat from Islamic religious bigots in Europe has not abated since the Paris attacks.


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