Obama praises his bad deals with the enemy while criticizing US allies

Washington Times:
President Obama extolled the virtues of diplomacy Monday for his administration’s “breakthroughs” with U.S. adversaries Iran and Cuba, while traditional allies Great Britain and Saudi Arabia seethed at the president for undercutting the British prime minister and calling the Saudis “free riders.”

During a meeting with U.S. diplomats in Foggy Bottom, Mr. Obama praised Secretary of State John F. Kerry and his foreign-service team for carrying out his administration’s “strong, principled diplomacy” on issues ranging from the Iranian nuclear deal to the Paris climate-change agreement.

“There are those who criticize our commitment to diplomacy, for investing so much effort in trying to resolve conflicts that seem intractable,” Mr. Obama said. “But here’s the truth: Conflicts and wars do not end on their own. Breakthroughs do not just happen. Agreements don’t write themselves. It takes diplomacy, being willing to sit down with others.”
Both the Iran and Cuba deals are terrible.  It is not his attempt at diplomacy that is being criticized it's his giving away the store and getting little to nothing in return.  It shouldn't take hard work to make such a bad deal.


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