Media criticizes those with a diversity of views on Islam

NY Times:

Ted Cruz Faulted for Adviser With Anti-Islam Views

Senator Ted Cruz came under fire after unveiling a list of national security advisers that included Frank Gaffney Jr., a former member of the Reagan administration who is now best known for holding extreme views about Islam.
One of the reasons liberals have been so bad at fighting radical Islam is they have a tendency to see the religion as having nothing to do with the terrorism spawned by many of its followers.  They should be open to a diversity of opinion on that, but liberals just are not open to diversity when it comes to ideology.   They should, at least, look at ideas that suggest the religion of Islam is less than a benign influence on the mass murderers for Allah.  They should not be so closed minded in looking at what motivates the enemy.

Ted Cruz is getting advice from people of a variety of views on national security issues.  This is in contrast to Donald Trump who relies on his own muddled thinking when it comes to national security.  In that regard, Trump is more like Obama who ignores the advice of experts and pushes his weird ideas about the "right side of history" which have led to disasters in places like Egypt, and Libya among others.


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