Many blacks still back Obama despite his destructive policies in their community

NY Times:

Proud of Obama’s Time, Blacks Are Sad to See Him Go

African-Americans around the United States say they are counting down the last 10 months of President Obama’s term with pride, sadness and a looming despair.
Obama's policies have been an economic disaster for the black community.  His open border policies have depressed wages for blacks and other minorities who are having to compete with cheap foreign labor.  His push for an increased minimum wage will only worsen the teen unemployment rate for blacks.  Everytime Democrats raise the minimum wage, black teens are hardest hit and their unemployment rate is at an all-time high.  This also blocks them from getting the work experience needed to get a better job.

It takes more than tribal identity politics to lift people up and Democrat policies are pushing down the most vulnerable in the black community.

Democrats talk about income inequality, but it is their policies that create it.  Income inequality went up under Clinton after the Reagan economy had lifted so many up.  It went up again under Obama to a higher rate than it was under George W. Bush.  Attacking job creators is not the route to reducing it.  But that is exactly what Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are doing.


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