Man who took money from Trump tries to tie Republicans to him

NY Times:

Harry Reid to Open Formal Anti-Trump Attacks on Congressional Republicans

Mr. Reid, the Nevada senator who has been trying to yoke congressional Republicans with Donald J. Trump for weeks, will give a speech on Wednesday blaming Senator Mitch McConnell and the House speaker, Paul D. Ryan, for contributing to Mr. Trump’s rise.
The Senate could easily thwart this campaign if they would just get over their hostility to Cruz who is much closer to the position of the voters then they are anyway.  The absurd suggestion that Cruz should apologize to McConnell as a precondition to backing Cruz would be opposite of what voters are looking for and would push even more of them into the Trump camp.  Voters are backing Trump because the Senate under McConnell betrayed them on issues from Obamacare to amnesty and spending priorities.  They are not fooled by McConnell's show votes against those programs while fully funding the mess.

Backing Ted Cruz is their only chance to save themselves and the country from disaster.


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