Hillary's war and the fiasco that followed it

Washington Examiner:
Hillary Clinton, running for president, has not held a press conference in the past 88 days. You'd think she was running from something rather than for something. And maybe she is.

During that period, the State Department has released 16,700 of the emails she illegally concealed for years from the public and from lawful Freedom of Information requests.

In that same 88-day period since Clinton last faced unscreened press questions, 842 of those emails, which she stored on an insecure server in her own home, were deemed to contain national secrets that merit classified status. About two dozen were deemed Top Secret. One reportedly contained extremely sensitive information about an Afghan national who could have faced lethal retribution for collaborating with American intelligence services.

Perhaps Clinton is right to think she can get away with avoiding public scrutiny while Republicans march toward a cliff behind the banner of a terrible presidential candidate. She is almost certainly right in thinking that her Democratic opponent, Bernie Sanders, is a spent force. She crushed him by embarrassingly large margin in South Carolina. And he threw in the towel anyway months ago when he declined to make an issue of her "damn emails."

Perhaps nothing short of an indictment will make Clinton take an hour away from the scripted speeches to explain herself.

But one way or another, she needs to answer for the series running in this week's New York Times, about the previously unknown extent of her involvement in this decade's biggest foreign policy disaster....
It is evidence of her poor judgment when it comes to the use of force, and it is much worse than the problems caused by the invasion of Iraq, where at least Bush recognized the need for a robust conterinsurgency operation and took action, while Obama and Clinton let the fetid mess in Libya fester and get even worse.


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