Hillary's missing voters--Hint they are voting for Trump

NY Times:
A drop in Democratic primary turnout has reached deeply into some of the core groups of voters Mrs. Clinton must not only win in November, but also draw in large numbers.
Those missing voters are over in the GOP primaries voting for Trump.  If you did a comparison between this year's primaries and those in 2008 you would see where the vote shave gone and why it is also upsetting the balance in the GOP.  Those former Democrats are mostly whites who see the party as hostile to their interests on immigration and other issues.


  1. I know one (1) Democrat who voted for Trump on the grounds that he will not only be the easiest to beat in November, but will shatter the Republican party. (Think Ron Paul of steroids, with a "UGE" wallet.) While this is hardly a meaningful sample, I wonder how many others are doing the same?


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