Cruz is now the only viable alternative to Trump

John Stoehr:
It's time to clear the way for Ted Cruz to take on Donald Trump

The establishment hates Cruz almost as much as they hate Trump, but Cruz has become the only other candidate with a fighting chance at the nomination

But Maine was surprising – almost stunning – and that small rural rugged Northeastern state, mostly forgotten by official Washington, might prove to be the turning point in the GOP nomination. Maine Governor Paul LePage endorsed Trump, but Romney’s anti-Trump speech Thursday may have been enough for moderate Republican clam diggers who still hold Romney in high regard.

Cruz knows Saturday’s results made his case. He intimated that now would be a good time for rivals Rubio and Kasich to drop out. “We’ll continue to amass delegates but what needs to happen is the field needs to continue to narrow,” according to Politico. “If we’re divided, Donald wins.”
What is surprising is that this opinion piece was published in the liberal UK Guardian.   Cruz is increasingly seen as the voice of sanity in a race where he started out being lumped as crazy by the establishment.  The more you hear him and see him perform in the debates the more reasonable he sounds.  He seems to be following a similar trajectory to the one that led to his winning the senate seat to start with.  He started very low in the polls and continued to gain strength until he overwhelmed his opponents.


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