Turkey's Islamist government is as incompetent as other Islamist governments

Washington Post:
Turkey’s increasingly desperate predicament poses real dangers
Four years ago Turkey appeared poised to reap the fruits of the Arab Spring, hailed by the West as an ascendant power. Today, it faces enemies on its borders and an array of difficult domestic challenges.
Under Ergodan Turkey has become a sanctuary for the Hamas death cult and a trading partner for ISIL's black market oil.  Instead of being an ally in dealing with ISIL, Turkey has been a conduit for fighters and arms to the Islamic religious bigots.  Turkey has also been a conduit for ISIL fighters who are invading Europe and terrorizing the population.

While it has an army that would be capable of destroying ISIL, it has decided instead to fight the Kurds who are actually taking on ISIL.  Turkey is in a predicament of its own making and I have a minimum of empathy for their position.  I would say they are the worst excuse for an ally the US and
Europeans have at this point.


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