The Rubio poll?

The poll questions I got this evening seemed directed toward weighing Marco Rubio's support against the other candidates still in the race.  Those questions seemed rather straight forward.  But one question did seem unfair.  It asked me to choose between the importance of immigration as an issue and national security.  For me, the lack of immigration enforcement is a national security issue and should not be deemed as an either or question.

There are other elements to the issue of illegal immigration that bother me.  I think the Democrats would like to import dependency and liberal voters to push their agenda and try to get a permanent majority even if it would weaken the country.  That Rubio would eventually go along with such a scheme strikes me as one of the weaknesses of his case for the job.

I should add that I do not trust Trump on the immigration issue either.  The plan he has articulated strikes me as an even more, expensive form of amnesty than the Gang of Eight bill.  He would round up all the illegals he could find and deport them only to let them back in as legal immigrants in what is called a touchback amnesty.  I think the chances that he could get Mexico to pay for a wall are remote.  I have no objection to a wall, but I think we need to be realistic about who would bare the cost.


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