Media continues to ignore Trump's sorted history

Steve Berman:
It’s astonishing how much radioactive dirt is out there, and has been for years, on Donald Trump.

Radio host and Second Amendment activist author Dana Loesch has compiled a list of the worst of Trump’s flirtations with organized crime figures, drug convicts and use of undocumented workers to build his Trump Tower.

This stuff is so radioactive that it would have sunk any other candidate months ago. Nobody had to dig it up, Loesch simply compiled what was “public domain as reported in the press, easily found everywhere online.”

But Trump isn’t even dinged by it, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, none of them have really pounced on it. Anderson Cooper, an expert interviewer and one of CNN’s best, tossed softball questions to Trump at the town hall Thursday night (fast food? really?).

It offers proof that the networks are invested in Trump because he helps ratings. Not that some suit has stifled editorial control, not so crass, but the press itself has bought into the bright lights surrounding Trump. They like having him on their shows. They like having him around because he helps their ratings.

They are scared of taking him on because of the backlash–his minions Trumpkins are very effective at messing with people’s personal lives and Trump eggs them on with incendiary tweets and statements.

Even when something is patently false and Trump deletes his own tweets, he goes on talking to crowds as if it’s true, like with Tom Coburn’s fabricated quote on Ted Cruz.

Trump’s entire campaign is now an illusion based on psychology mind tricks.
I posted the Dana Loesch video yesterday and still recommend it.  The mainstream media should turn it into a hour long special.


  1. The reason we don't care is that he is the only one who resembles someone with cajones. It is better than having to hold one's nose while voting for someone who spends all their time apologizing for their voting base for having clearly rational points of view. Of course there is no two party system. Just billionaires dedicated to a 0.0001% rule of the 99.9999%.


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