Hamas seems surprised that Israel if fighting back against its terror tunnels

Jerusalem Post:
A top Hamas offical said on Friday that the Islamist movement’s military wing discovered sensors, cameras, and other surveillance equipment in one of its tunnels underneath the Gaza Strip.

Ismail Haniyeh, the former head of the Hamas-run government in Gaza and the current deputy political bureau chief, said that the gadgets found by the Izzadin al-Kassam brigades were planted there in an effort to discover more tunnels.

Earlier this month, a Hamas operative was killed in a tunnel collapse in southern Gaza's Khan Younis region, according to Palestinian sources.

A Gaza health ministry spokesman confirmed the reports, saying Marwan Marouf, 27, a fighter in Hamas' Izzadin al-Kassam Brigades, was killed in the tunnel collapse.

There were no immediate reports of additional casualties in the collapse.

The incident marked the fourth Gaza tunnel collapse in recent weeks.

Days before, Hamas officials confirmed the death of at least two of its operatives in a tunnel collapse.

In the week prior to that incident, seven Hamas men were killed when a tunnel collapsed close to Gaza's eastern border with Israel.

Last month, Haniyeh vowed that his group will never stop digging tunnels and upgrading rockets in preparation for any possible confrontation with Israel.
So what pressure is the US and others putting on Hamas to stop this terrorist aggression?  I get the impression that the Obama administration blames Isreal for not caving to Palestinians demands rather than doing anything to pressure the Palestinians into a peace agreement acceptable to Israel.


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