If GOP senators do not fight Obama court nominee they will definitely lose votes

NY Times:

Court Fight Puts Swing-State Republican in Tight Spot

Senator Rob Portman, a moderate Ohio Republican seeking a second term, may lose Democratic voters with his opposition to nominating a new justice.
Republican voters would be livid with any senator who supported a liberal nominee to the court.  In fact the passion on the GOP side against allowing a liberal majority on the court is probably much more intense than that on the Democrat side.  They see liberal justices eroding fundamental freedoms.  Part of the anger in this election cycle is with the court's moderates who have allowed Obamacare to stand.  Conservatives are fed up with liberals using the courts for social engineering and they will not tolerate Republicans allowing another liberal on the court before the election.

The fight over the court will actually help the GOP turnout because it raises the stakes of the election.


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