Club for Growth to continue attacks on Trump's record

Washington Examiner:
Club for Growth, a conservative super PAC, will soon launch its third seven-figure ad campaign against Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump in two of the 11 states set to vote on March 1.

The announcement comes 24 hours after Katie Packer, the founder Our Principles PAC, called on GOP leaders and groups to rally together to end the billionaire's White House bid.

"Club for Growth Action will continue to expose the truth about Donald Trump's long liberal record of support for higher taxes, national health care, and government bailouts," said the group's president, David McIntosh, said in a statement.

"As CFG Action has shown throughout this campaign, there is no greater indictment of how terrible Donald Trump would be as president than his own words," he added.
The problem with this campaign is that his supporters want to believe what he is saying.  It could be argued that they are similar to those who bought into his Trump University program that turned out to be a wretched failure for them.   I think a campaign should be wrapped around his inconsistencies and ask which time he was telling the truth.


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